You CAN Reinvent Yourself at Midlife!


Too many of us give up on ourselves at Midlife. We accept that we may never be completely happy, that life is supposed to feel stale. We plod along in jobs we do not like, surrounded by people who just don't care about us. We gave up dreaming a while ago.

* Is your predominant mood one of boredom and fatigue?
* Are you hating your job but too scared to take the leap?
* Are you afraid to start a business in this new virtual world?
* Do you sense that time is running out for you to take the risk and follow your heart?
* Do you need to earn an income for longer in life, but not being able to stomach the corporate treadmill?
* Are you looking for an "encore career"?

midlife madness IS YOUR

At a certain point in life, we demand more from life. We are no longer content with just surviving. We realise that if we don't find our passion in life now, time is running out. We are also feeling a little excited about the opportunities which are starting to emerge... we are more comfortable in our own skins, we have certain levels of expertise that has come from years of hard work, and the hope that life can get even better. If not now, then when?

Do you have a little restlessness in your soul which is whispering that you could be happier starting a business, or being a solopreneur, or going into consulting, or finding a job doing something you love? These days, most of us do not have a huge stash of cash to draw upon so that we can spend time on hobbies and leisure in our later years. And would we even want to? We have so much to give and so much to offer the world.

But most of us wouldn't know how to even START to reinvent ourselves. What makes your heart sing? Who knows, probably you have been too busy working to even think about this.

If this is where you find yourself today, wouldn't it be helpful to have a coach, mentor and guide to this brave new world? Someone who can make this transition a lot more easy, and to support you in managing the risk that comes with reinvention?

Do you enjoy one-on-one coaching and mentoring with someone who will not push you beyond your levels of comfort, and who will not force you to go faster than you want to? Someone who gives personal attention and a unique approach per person rather than following a cookie-cutter rigid "coaching methodology"?

If this describes you and what you need in your life right now, let's chat.

About me

I am a proudly Midlife professional who is married with two adult children and live in Johannesburg. My favourite part of South Africa is Knysna - and spend as many holidays there as I can. I also love going on retreats, and leading retreats, and my favourites are the Buddhist Retreat Centre in Ixopo; Emoyeni Retreat Centre near the Hartebeesport Dam; and Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat in th Underberg.

As a family, we are vegetarian (or, as we call it "vegan-ish" - vegans who occasionally cannot resist ice-cream) and enjoy a quiet, introverted life. We are passionate parents to two large Ridgeback dogs and one elderly black cat of unknown origin. Our values are peace, health, and connection.

My own career has been one of growth and change. With a Masters degree in Organisational Psychology, I started my career 25 years ago as a change management consultant. I received my Consciousness Coaching qualification in 2008 and began an internal coaching career in a large South African organisation, while simultaneously holding positions in organisational development, culure transformation, learning and change management. In 2017, I completed a 3 year course in Logotherapy (the psychology of finding meaning in life, founded by Viktor Frankl). Logotherapy has enriched my life immeasurably and added a deeper wisdom to my coaching practice. Recently, I have focused my research and energy into the topic of the second half of life, and finding renewed purpose in an encore career.

Given my corporate career, I can only take on two coaching clients at any one time. Coaching is my passion and joy, so you can be assured of my focused attention, care, and nurturing.

“No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again”

– Buddha