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“To change is one of the great dreams of the heart – to change the limitations, the sameness, the banality, or the pain. So often we look back on patterns of behaviour, the kind of decisions we make repeatedly and that have failed to serve us well, and we aim for a new and more successful path or way of living. But change is difficult for us. So often we opt to continue the old pattern, rather than risking the danger of difference” John O’Donohue, from To Bless the Space Between Us.

You are not happy with how things are currently. You wonder if this is how things will continue until you are too old to care and have no energy to do otherwise. But Midlife is hard enough without having to take on additional challenges. The human heart, however, is a relentless task master. It will not let you stay in a stagnant place for long. Life acts on you if you do not have the courage to take action.

But any form of change is very scary. It is difficult to reach out if you are not sure that you can take on the commitment of making a life and career change. 

If you are curious but the time is not right, let’s have a chat about what coaching could be like for you when you are ready one day.

If you are open to the idea of coaching but need more information on how I coach and what I offer, let’s have a chat.

If you have never been coached and would like to experience it, set up an appointment with me, and by the end of the hour you will be in a good position to know if this is for you, or if you should try other ways of getting your needs met.



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