Frequently Asked Questions

A winding path
“Believe nothing unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.” ― Buddha

You may be deeply unhappy with your work. You may have a quiet, unformed desire to do something new, something more fulfilling and more connected to your heart.  A growing restlessness, boredom, and sense that you are wasting your “one and precious life”. But change is so difficult, there is so much risk involved in even thinking of taking a new path. What if it doesn’t work out? What if you make a huge mistake that you cannot undo? It is wise to question exactly the new road you will be taking.

Questions you may have

How much time will the coaching process take?

  • The actual coaching sessions are one hour every two weeks. There are also many optional tools and processes you can follow to deepen your insights, and to make sure that the path you want to follow is the right one. This can take an additional 1 – 3 hours per week. 

What exactly will you give me?

Depending on the package you have chosen, I will provide you with the following:

  • Life and career coaching which explores your current situation and inspires you to create an enticing future vision. There is an incredible power in fully articulating a vision – and making it concrete – how will your typical day look? How will it feel to have made the change successfully? What will be new in your relationships? What will you see when you look out your window in the morning? Both in my own and clients lives, I have seen how that vision changes everything. It helps you to make decisions, to learn new things, and to adopt an empowering attitude. The vision has a magnetism all of its own and it pulls you into the future. This is not pseudo-science. An incredible resource which explains the power of a clearly articulated vision is the book by Brian David Johnson called The Future You: Break through the fear and build the life you want. You can read a review of the book here
  • A “Coaching Journey” workbook which outlines which tools will be covered each week of the process. This will also provide space for you to capture your insights, actions you want to take, and progress you have made. This is a reference guide to which you can return time and time again.
  • Guidance in writing an impactful one-page CV, and reviewing and assessing this document.
  • A review of your current Linked-in profile and I will provide guidance to optimise this. I will also provide you with a checklist on how to improve your chances of finding work, research possible opportunities, and marketing yourself on this platform
  • Preparation and role-play for interviews if you decide to find a new job in the corporate or non-profit sector; or
  • Providing you with templates to test your solopreneur idea and to lay the foundation for the move to your own business. This could also include a strategy on moving from side-hustle to entrepreur; or
  • Introducing you to the concept of job-crafting so that you can find more meaning and purpose in your current job, without the need to make huge changes, and taking additional risk.
  • Sometimes you may want to have a hybrid of these options – such as craft your current job so that you can stick it out, while developing a side-hustle that could eventually lead to entrepreurship. We will always customise your journey.

What if the coaching process is not working for me?

  • Even though the packages require payment up-front, if you are not happy with the process, I will refund you the remaining package on a pro-rata basis. So if after a month into the six-month process you decide you cannot commit to completing the Caoching Journey, I will refund you the remaining five months of the package. I want you to love the process and not to stick with it in order not to waste the money you have invested.

What is so different about midlife that you have decided to focus on this in your coaching practice?

  • Midlife can either be a time of stagnation or incredible renewal. We are living longer and a new life stage has opened up in the human life cycle. For many of us full retirement is neither financially possible not desirable. We are looking to work but not as we did in our thirties and forties. We want off of the treadmill and to chose life. It requires different skills, then, to coach a younger person in the midst of family commitments, who is fueled by ambition, and the desire for more. In midlife we may want less stress, less pressure and more joy and more fun. We want to work for longer but on our own terms. We want freedom and the chance to live according to our values. I see such incredible opportunities for people in this life-stage and it excites me when my clients reinvent themselves (and not only suprise their family and friends but themselves as well). By specialising in midlife reinvention I have also focused my research and learning on this “encore” lifestage, and can offer data-backed insights on how to live our best lives as we age.
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